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What Is Explosion Proof Certification?

March 1, 2024

Latest company news about What Is Explosion Proof Certification?

With the continuous advancement of technology, electrical products has been widely used in various industries. However, in some special environments where explosive gases, vapors or dusts are present, ordinary electrical equipment may pose serious safety hazards. To ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, explosion-proof certification has been developed.

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What is Explosion Proof Certification?

Explosion-proof certification is the process of evaluating and validating electrical equipment, instruments, or other related devices to ensure their safe and reliable operation in potentially explosive environments. These environments may include locations where explosive gases, vapors, liquids, or dusts are present. Explosion-proof certification ensures that equipment is designed, manufactured and used in accordance with international or regional safety standards, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.


Why is Explosion Proof Certification necessary?

1. Personal safety: Explosion-proof certification prevents electrical equipment from causing explosions or fires in hazardous environments, protecting the lives of personnel.

2. Equipment protection: Explosion-proof certification helps prevent equipment damage in hazardous environments, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.

3. Regulatory compliance: Many countries and regions have safety regulations that require the use of explosion-proof equipment in hazardous environments. Explosion-proof certification enables equipment manufacturers and users to comply with regulatory requirements.

During our communication with customers, some have expressed the need for explosion-proof certified smart e-locks, specifically for use in the transportation of petroleum and natural gas, chemicals, hazardous waste, liquefied gas and so on.


International General Explosion-Proof Certifications:

1.ATEX Certification: ATEX certification is a type of European explosion-proof certification based on the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC) issued by the European Commission. ATEX certification is applicable to electrical and non-electrical equipment sold in the European market. The ATEX directive ensures the safety of equipment based on the classification and protection levels in explosive environments.

2.IECEx Certification: IECEx certification is issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and covers electrical equipment under the IEC 60079 series standards. It provides international recognition of explosion-proof certification for equipment manufacturers. The IECEx certification mark indicates that the equipment complies with international standards, facilitating market access globally.

Jointech's oil tanker transportation monitoring solution includes the tanker valve lock JT802 and the smart E-lock JT709EX, both of which have passed ATEX and IECEx explosion-proof certifications, ensuring the safety of oil transportation

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How to Determine if a Product is Explosion-Proof Certified?

Explosion-proof certification is typically indicated by specific certification symbols or labels affixed to the product. Look for certification symbols such as ATEX or IECEx on the product, indicating that it has successfully undergone the corresponding explosion-proof certification process. These symbols not only serve as proof of product certification but also act as crucial reference standards for users when selecting and using explosion-proof equipment, ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment in hazardous environments.


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