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Increase Cargo Security and Prevent Theft

November 23, 2022

Latest company news about Increase Cargo Security and Prevent Theft

Increase Cargo Security and Prevent Theft

Cargo security is needed now more than ever to strengthen your supply chains as cargo theft continues to be a growing issue all across the world.

Typically when we speak to the fleet tracking operators, we found they are still mainly operating those simple GPS trackers which provide just location service, with the fierce competition of GPS tracking service, they are finding it much difficult to charge operational service fees now than ever, ,they are also very anxious about how they can be tied to the customer's business process, who are worried about that even lower fees won't buy customer loyalty,who may swtich to competitor's platform next month,So they are always looking for a mobile asset solution that can be tightly bound to the actual business process of customers to ensure customer loyalty to a greater extent, are any of those areas particulary painful for you to deal with?


Jointech specialzing in the mobile assets managment solutions, we helped professional logistic transportation and shipping compaines who are worried about the security of their high-value cargo, especially the cargo with multimodal transport, anxious about whether the goods will be delivered to t​he destination on time,in addition,once there is an accident happened during transportation, it cannot be effectively traced due to the lack of real-time monitoring throughout the whole process.


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